Jake Owen's new video finds him in his natural habitat. The Florida-born country singer is an avid wakeboarder and pretty much enjoys any activity that brings him to the beach. There's no doubt the smile -- that famous Jake Owen smile -- he flashes throughout 'Barefoot Blue Jean Night' is genuine.

It's a fun, summer video for a fun, summer song. The clip begins with Owen pulling up for a day with some friends at the beach. There are plenty of bikini-clad cuties and shirtless men to keep everyone interested in the sub-three minute long song. The catchy singalong tune has become a summer anthem on country radio, and this video builds upon that theme.

Later in the video, Owen is at the wheel of a speed boat with his love interest between his arms. Throw in a late night party complete with guitars and suggested beer drinking, and you have the day everyone hopes to experience at least once before Labor Day.

Ironically, Owen may have to scrap any future barefoot activities from his calendar. Before Saturday's concert in Raleigh, N.C. he sneaked on to the N.C. State University football field to kick field goals with a friend of his on the Wolfpack football team. He showed Taste of Country his swollen right foot, the result of trying to split the uprights -- barefoot! His fans won't have to worry about him landing a pro kicking job soon. Owen says he couldn't get enough air under any of his kicks, and suggested that he might have better luck playing soccer.