Summer is on the horizon, depending on where you call home, and Jake Owen captures the feeling of warm weather and good times in his new single, 'Barefoot Blue Jean Night.'

As a Florida native, Owen should find it easy to run barefoot into the night -- even in April. In his catchy, clap-along new single, the 'Tell Me' singer highlights the goodness of summer, like beautiful women and cold beer. The chorus, in particular, holds the feeling of being young and free-spirited:

"Never gonna grow up / Never gonna slow down / We were shining like lighters in the dark in the middle of a rock show / We were doing it right / We were coming alive / Yeah, caught up in a southern summer barefoot blue jean night."

Owen's latest is sure to be the anthem of the summer for anyone who knows the feeling of late night troublemaking and being barefoot to the cool pavement -- and we'll bet the handsome country singer will have the crowds singing along when he hits the road with Keith Urban in June.

'Barefoot Blue Jean Night' lands on radio on April 18.

Listen to Jake Owen, 'Barefoot Blue Jean Night'