Jake Owen is adding something new to his already impressive resume. The Florida native has teamed up with Salt Life, a beach gear and apparel company, for a line of clothes and a tour sponsorship. The relationship sounds like a match made in surf heaven!

Salt Life has partnerships with surfers, avid SUP stars and more personalities, but Owen is the very first musician to join the roster. Of course, the country beach bum is the perfect fit for a brand named Salt Life that hails from Florida. He's a fan of the sand, loves water sports and truly lives the lifestyle the brand embodies.

"I have to say I am most comfortable in board shorts, T-shirts and some flip-flops," the 'Real Life' singer shares. "The Salt Life relationship is a natural extension of who I am."

Salt Life President Jeff Stillwell is happy with the new partnership, too. In the video above, Stillwell says that he'll even let Owen design a piece of clothing or two, on one condition.

"Just don't outsell what I design, then we're gonna have a problem," Stillwell jokes. "We'll have a whole series of stuff that Jake does coming out here in the near future. We'll put Jake with our design team out in California."

Owen's new album, which will be home to his song "Real Life," is expected this fall.

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