Jake Owen isn't holding back on his forthcoming album. The "Real Life" singer reveals that fans can expect songs that reflect his life on the followup to 2013's Days of Gold.

"People can expect more of me," he tells Rolling Stone Country. "I've been through a lot recently, and I'm not by any means going to change my vibe or the way that I've made music for a while, but [I'll include] songs that are more relatable on a life level. This album will be more about reality than the fantasy of it all."

Owen recently celebrated his 10-year anniversary with his record label, RCA, and says he looks to artists like Kenny Chesney and Tim McGraw, who have both taken him on the road, to model his own career after.

"It's been a great processing point to be with guys like Kenny or Tim on tour. It's like going to school," Owen shares. "You don't go to school and become a lawyer or a doctor overnight. I'm sort of out here doing my residency, until I'm ready to open my own practice."

He also hints at his career's next steps, which could include a headlining tour next year.

"Next year I think we're going to open our own practice," he adds. "Nothing happens overnight. You gotta learn from people who are better than you at it, and that's what I do out here. I love taking it all in."

Owen's current single is "Real Life." It is the first single off of the not-yet-announced fifth studio album.

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