Jake Owen loves being out on the water in his boat, and apparently so does his daughter, Pearl. So when it came time to decide what color his new watercraft should be, Owen asked his 3-year-old what her preference was.

“She wanted pink and blue, although I thought pink and blue might not be the greatest combination,” Owen tells People.

Pearl did get part of her wish, though. “We stuck with the pink and went pink and silver sparkle flakes,” he shares.

Owen says he plans to spend the summer in the water with his daughter by his side. “She’s at the age where she’s learning to swim and we’re working on whether or not she feels comfortable getting up on a tube,” he dishes.

Owen and ex-wife Lacey divorced last year, and Pearl now lives in Florida with her mother. That's part of the reason that the proud father tries to please his little girl as much as he can, as he told Taste of Country at the Taste of Country Music Festival in June.

“I mean, I do anything she wants,” Owen says, also confessing that he can braid Pearl's hair “pretty well.”

Owen spent the week of Father's Day with his daughter before he returned to the road. While life as a dad has definitely changed him, he says there is one thing that he feels has changed his cool factor: “Her carseat has definitely made my truck not as cool. But it makes it me feel good when I look in the back seat and see her back there."

Owen's American Love album drops on July 29.

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