Though Jake Owen has been keeping busy playing summer festivals and even designing his own clothing line, the proud papa makes sure to carve out time for his little girl, Pearl, who is also the subject of his latest creative endeavor, it seems.

The artist has been dabbling in photography, according to his Facebook page, on which he posted a beautiful black-and-white photo of his 2-year-old daughter. Pearl is shown peeking out from a little log cabin at the park, her perfectly unkempt hair a testament to the fun she’s had.

The artist is clearly proud of his girl, and it seems he has been spending a lot of time with her lately, (further evidenced by another adorable photo, this time of the two of them, captioned “my best friend”), despite his impending divorce from wife Lacey. The couple announced the split Aug. 7, after Owen revealed earlier in the summer that they were having issues. The “Real Life” singer called the separation the hardest thing he’s ever done.

Owen has been preparing for the release of his fifth record, Real Life, from which the title track has become a Top 20 hit since its release in May. The album, Owen says, is the first record on which he’s focused on a theme and attempted to create a cohesive collection of songs.

“I wanted a piece of material that is consistent throughout each song that talks about that feeling of growing up, the feeling of lookin’ back, and the feeling of appreciating it all,” he tells Taste of Country.

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