Jake Owen will be in Colorado and Nebraska over Labor Day weekend, but you can be sure he’ll be looking for a lake, a pond, a river … anything to dip his toes into over the final official weekend of summer. The “Real Life” singer is a boating enthusiast who spends as much time as he can relaxing with a cold drink and friends as he can.

“It’s about relaxing," Owen says of why he loves the water. "It’s about unplugging from the day to day grind. It’s about going out and enjoying time with family and friends.”

Owen has a few rules he lives by, and he was willing to share them with Taste of Country recently. Click through the gallery above to get the lowdown on how to have a good time with this "Real Life" singer. A few of the rules everyone should adopt, but one … we’re not sure the last rule is doing anyone any good, but hey, these are Jake's rules, not ours.

For a second straight year Owen has partnered with Discover Boating, the boating awareness campaign powered by the North American recreational boating industry. His is one of a number of Stories of Discovery for the website, and to say he lives the lifestyle is an understatement. On at least one occasion he’s surprised fans by joining them on the water before a show.

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