Jake Owen couldn't be happier with how his professional and personal life is going. With wife Lacey and daughter Pearl on the road with him frequently, the singer seems to be on Cloud 9.

“We get to travel the country together and have a good time,” Owen tells Taste of Country in an interview from Country Jam Colorado. “Girls make the world go ‘round.”

In addition, Owen explains why he always performs barefoot. He just likes it, he says, admitting he'll even golf barefoot on occasion. “I like the way the grass feels under my toes,” the 'Beachin'' singer shares.

His return to Country Jam on Thursday night was especially satisfying. Owen has played during the afternoon many times and admits it was special to have the headlining slot. It's another step in his career, which has seemingly exploded in 2014. This year, he embarked on his first headlining tour, as well.