Garth Brooks is one of those legendary artists that are exceptionally hard to cover. But on Tuesday night (Nov. 10), James David Carter attempted 'Two of a Kind, Workin' on a Full House' on 'The Voice' ... and it was flawless.

For the first live show of the season, Carter brought out a classic country song. See, he credits Brooks as being the reason he wanted to become a performer. After attending one of Brooks' concerts and realizing it's possible to mix pop flare into country songs, he was hooked.

Shelton pointed that out, too, even comparing Carter to a huge country group that also uses pop sounds in their music, Rascal Flatts. 'The Voice' hopeful got extensive help from his coach, before his big performance, but instead of calling Shelton "coach," he called him "dad."

“If there’s one guy who continues to blow me away, it’s James” Shelton said of Carter.

“I just hope I don’t screw it up,” Carter said before taking 'The Voice' stage for his live performance.

Carter played his guitar for his performance, and because he couldn't walk away from the microphone during, he really used his facial features to work the crowd. It worked, because the coaches were all blown away. They all had great things to say about Carter, but it was Shelton who put it best.

“You continue to just be that rock,” Shelton told him. “I can always count on you to sound great … you always do great. Great job, man."

Watch Carter's entire performance of 'Two of a Kind, Workin' on a Full House' above.

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