James Otto and his wife Amy will be celebrating their first Christmas with baby Ava this year, and it looks like they'll be making the rounds to visit all of their loved ones.

Otto says that this his plans for the holiday weekend include "lots of traveling and family time. My wife, Ava and I will be going all over to spend time with our families!"

While the 'Soldiers and Jesus' singer's grandmother is no longer around to celebrate, he remembers her -- and her cooking -- fondly. One of his best Christmas memories is spending time with her on her farm when she was alive, and his favorite Christmas dish is a recipe that she introduced him to.

"It is a Norwegian recipe that my grandmother used to make, coumla [kumla]," Otto says. "It is pretty much a Norwegian potato dumpling."

Now, he takes a cue from his past and continues the Christmas traditions that he grew up with. Otto says he truly looks forward to "playing games, cooking and spending time with family."

Beyond welcoming his first daughter in August, Otto released his third studio album, 'Shake What God Gave Ya,' this fall.