Jamey Johnson is a man of few words, but chances are he's been talking up a storm over the past few days after coming out victorious following a football bet with his buddy and actor Matthew McConaughey.

For the past three years, the two have partaken in a friendly bet to see which one can predict the final verdict of games involving Johnson's beloved Alabama and McConaughey's No. 1 ranked team, LSU. After Monday night's game, Johnson made the right call again, as his team won, 21-0. Ouch!

"Jamey may be hot right now, but I will get him," McConaughey tells Us Weekly.

So what are the consequences that go along with his loss? McConaughey has to fork over $500 to his singing pal to donate to a charity of his choice.

Now that the football bet is out of the way, Johnson can focus on his musical plans for 2012, which will hopefully include new tunes and plenty of touring. Johnson already has a handful of dates for this year confirmed on his official website. Those dates, as well as future dates, can be viewed here.