Jana Kramer is hand-selecting four pictures that show what ‘Love’ is. Each week, she’ll share why she chose that winner and surprise him or her with a phone call and an autographed calendar. Submit your photo below. Fans can also sign up to win an autographed guitar from the ‘Love’ singer. 

I chose this photo because of the love this woman shows this older man that she barely knows, in return for the love that he shows his country. Two kinds of love and both are so powerful. What a sweet photo and plus what a cutie he is!!

This week’s winner is Jenifer Shields:

This man is a WWII veteran who I had the privilege of escorting on the plane doing an honor flight so he could go see the Washington Memorial. He was the most polite and kind man I've ever met and if serving your country doesn't show you love I don't know what does..