Jana Kramer's forthcoming album is one that shows exactly who this singer is. The Michigan native recently caught up with Taste of Country and revealed a few details about the record.

Kramer has been working hard on a new album, and this time around, she's opening up. In fact, when ToC asked the singer to describe the album in one word she didn't hesitate for a moment before saying, "Me!"

"I wanted to write an album and create an album that was 100 percent every song I had lived through, been through and it just describes me and who I am," Kramer explains. "So that when people listen to the album they can walk away and be like, 'I know who she is as an artist, as a person, as a singer, as a songwriter."

The soon-to-be-married singer says that it wasn't easy choosing which songs to pick for the album. She didn't actually write them all, but it was crucial that the tracks represent things she's gone through or experienced, even if they weren't 'her' story.

"It was hard, too, choosing at the very end, because there are some songs I didn't write on the album, but sometimes songwriters can just say it better than the way that I said it," Kramer explains. "So at the end of the day, whatever song portrays 100 percent the true emotion that's going to win, regardless of whether I wrote it or not."

"Like 'I Got the Boy,' I didn't write that but it blows my mind that I didn't write it because it's 100 percent true to my story," she adds.

Writing about personal feelings isn't always easy, and Kramer admits there was one song in particular that scared her.

"There was this one song called 'The Last Song,' and I was scared at first about even writing it, but why I love country music is because I was able to grow as an artist professionally and personally because of songs that help me, that I listen to on the radio," she says, "so I want people to listen to the song and be like, 'Wow. I get that and it's either going to help me move on or be happier.'"

The album will include a pretty cool collaboration with Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler, a recent crossover act to country music.

"He heard the song and wanted to put his vocals on it," Kramer explains of "Bullet." "It's a really fun song. It's basically just saying that I dodged a bullet getting out of a relationship. I think we can all relate to that."

Kramer's real-as-it-gets album does not yet have a release date.

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