In a recent chat with WYCD, Jaron Lowenstein of Jaron and the Long Road to Love talks about a pair of love songs, namely his hit 'Pray for You' and newer single 'It's a Good Thing,' both of which appear on the album 'Getting Dressed in the Dark.' Given his project's name, it stands to reason that Lowenstein would talk love tunes, right?

"It's about swearing off love," Lowenstein says about the touché theme of 'It's a Good Thing.' He continues, "It's about thinking that you'll never fall in love again. It's been terrible and you block it out and then she shows up, coming into picture like a work of art!" He also calls 'Pray For You' "one of the best breakup anthems out there, where you take that private conversation and made it public." The song has established a bit of a cult following.

Jaron and the Long Road to Love remains prolific, releasing new music every single Wednesday via their YouTube channel. They chose Hump Day as the day to release new tunes for obvious reasons. He says, "Mondays suck, so every single Wednesday, which is the middle of the week, making it a good weekend starter, we put a new song and new video on YouTube. We've been doing it for six weeks and have had special guests and dirty humor. It's just fun. Why not?"

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