Jaron and the Long Road to Love's hit single 'Pray for You' seems like an obvious enough choice for a church sermon, being that it talks about prayer, but how does the backhanded, sarcastic tone behind the lyrics tie into the holiness? Seattle's Country 94.1 caught up with Jaron Lowenstein, who spilled on why the notorious breakup song is so easy to relate to for to the church-going crowd.

DJ Stephen Kilbreath nabbed Lowenstein at this year's CMA Music Festival, and shared with him that his own church has been using the singer's song and video as a part of a series, which the former pop hitmaker found to be "incredible."

Lowenstein adds, "It's sort of entered the zeitgeist of pop culture, you know, whatever … In some way, that it's being used in sermons, I think that's so neat ... I've actually heard that lots of churches across the country have been playing it, and I always find that entertaining and enjoyable."

But when Lowenstein penned the song, did he have God's house in mind? Not really, he says, but it was never too far-fetched. "Well, I found that we'd gotten overwhelming support from pastors and preachers, which I really wasn't surprised about because it is an honest feeling and emotion," he asserts. "It's not the way you're supposed to pray for somebody, but it's obviously fun and it's making fun of that. But really, the idea is that … Get rid of your frustration! Don't carry that with you, be honest about it. Say it, be done with it, and let's move on -- let's heal. There's no reason why you can't forgive somebody."

Jaron and the Long Road to Love even gave a nod to Big and Rich's Big Kenny, who is featured on the Nashville artist's latest single, 'Beautiful Lies.' "Forgiveness is, as Big Kenny says, 'Nobody should be less than whole. I've been forgiven so I'm letting you know.' Still, it's dishonest to say that most people break up and go, 'Oh, it's cool.' It hurts! Being hurt is a part of life, and sometimes people are told when you're hurt to bury it, and that's not a good thing."

'Beautiful Lies' feat. Big Kenny will appear on a TBA new album.

Watch the Jaron and the Long Road to Love 'Pray for You' Video