As Jason Aldean straps on his boots to head out on his 2011 My Kinda Party Tour, he sends one warning: Concert patrons should expect that this tour will be something they've never seen before. Aldean sat down with CMT to talk about his 2011 tour, which kicks off tonight, Feb. 3, in his hometown of Macon, Ga.

After a big year in 2010, the 'My Kinda Party' singer realizes he's got to step it up in 2011, and this tour will be a way of demonstrating what he's capable of. So fellow country musicians, watch out, because this star will continue to rise.

"I'm anxious. I felt like 2010 was really our breakout year," Aldean admits. "We had a lot of great things happen to us last year. But 2011's a different year, and I've got a new album to go out and promote with new singles. We're able to go out and make our show look and sound the way we've wanted it to for a long time now."

Aldean explains that the way they've wanted it to look means the tour sets are larger than life, with special effects and high energy. "I feel like if I was paying money to go see a show, we're giving them the kind of show that I feel like I would want to see," he adds.

With the JaneDear Girls and Eric Church along for the ride, the My Kinda Party Tour won't disappoint. "It won't be the kind of show that lags anywhere. I think it's going to be good all the way around," Aldean says. "We feel like we're able to go out and compete with other acts that are out headlining and make our show look as good as theirs, if not better. When people come out and buy a ticket, you want to make them feel like they got their money's worth. We want to make sure that we give them that."

Aldean, who just marked five million record sales to his career accomplishments, has had a direct hand in the tour planning so the tour is 100% authentic. "I want to look back on this tour and feel like it was a success and feel like we accomplished the things that we set out to do," he says of the 18 shows ahead. "The album's doing well for us, so that's one thing we really don't have to worry about right now. We can focus on the tour."

Tickets for Jason Aldean's 2011 My Kinda Party Tour are available through Ticketmaster.