It was a good week for Jason Aldean and fans of Miranda Lambert. These two artists hold four of the Top 10 Taste of Country stories this week. Trace Adkins made the list with some name-calling, and so did lists of the top father/daughter wedding songs and country videos that went pop. But what story is was No. 1 this week? Find out below.

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    Trace Adkins Compares Blake Shelton to a Dog or a Child

    The big man was feeling mighty good about life this week, making numerous media stops to promote his new album, 'Proud to Be Here.' When asked about the album's duet with Blake Shelton, he compared working with the singer to working with a dog. We think he was joking, but with Adkins one can never be sure.

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    Top 5 Country Videos That Crossed Over to MTV

    The music video network turned 30 this week, so Taste of Country compiled a list of country hitmakers who've had success on CMT's more edgy older sister. While the No. 1 video may not be much of a surprise, a country legend's inclusion on the list may be.

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    Toby Keith Cancels Concert Due to Severe Case of Laryngitis

    Toby Keith has had a run of bad luck lately, including several unfortunate incidents at his country club in Oklahoma. Cancelling a show is pretty rare for Keith, but fortunately Ronnie Dunn stepped up to cover for him in Canada. At least the singer has his new album, 'Clancy's Tavern,' to look forward to.

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    Jason Aldean Stars in New Wrangler Retro Jeans Commercial

    Something about Jason Aldean in blue jeans made people want to know more. The rising country superstar announced a deal with Wrangler Retro jeans. It probably didn't hurt that Taste of Country is giving readers a chance to win a pair with his autograph on them. Yep, there's still time to enter.

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    Taylor Swift Plays Role in Marriage Proposal

    A Detroit, Mich. radio DJ used the backstage experience at a recent Taylor Swift show to take to bended knee and propose marriage. Not to Swift, but to his longtime girlfriend who Swift had chatted extensively with the last time she was in town. The girlfriend and the singer were appropriately shocked when the moment came.

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    Top 40 Country Songs - August 2011

    Our list of the hottest songs in country music left readers searching to be sure their favorite song was included. Every month Taste of Country will retool the list to reflect the most popular trends in the format. Take a look to see who was No. 1 this week.

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    Miranda Lambert Adds 20 Stops to Revolution Continues Tour

    Lambert must be having a lot of fun on the road because she's in no hurry to get back home to hubby Blake Shelton. The tour, with likely opener Justin Moore, will now go through October 22. This gives fans an extra chance to catch a glimpse of her side project, Pistol Annies, who've been traveling with her regularly.

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    Top 10 Father Daughter Wedding Songs

    Ten perfect songs for letting go of daddy's little girl. This list includes hits from Rascal Flatts and Tim McGraw, but neither of these superstars could top a one hit wonder band from 2006. Readers had plenty to say about the song they used during this special moment.

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    Miranda Lambert, 'Baggage Claim' - Song Review

    While not many readers agreed with our review of the debut single from Lambert's forthcoming 'Four the Record' album, plenty were excited for a chance to preview the new song. Take a listen and decide for yourself. The album hits stores on November 1.

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    Jason Aldean Celebrates 10th Wedding Anniversary with Wife Jessica

    An impressive No. 1 for Aldean, especially since this article didn't post until Thursday afternoon. Click through over a dozen pictures of this happy couple, taken from award shows and other media events. It's hard to believe Jessica Aldean is the mother of two beautiful daughters. She looks amazing!