What does a incredibly successful country superstar do to celebrate his good fortunes, which include notching his eighth No. 1 hit ('Tattoos on This Town'), releasing one of the best-selling albums of the past two years ('My Kinda Party') and embarking on a sold-out tour? Well, fulfilling a dream like purchasing a nice chunk of property is great way to enjoy the fruits of your labor and that's just what Jason Aldean did.

Aldean bought a 1,300-acre farm on the outskirts of Nashville, which is something he has always dreamed of doing.

"I’d kinda been looking for some land just to get away on and be able to take my kids out there and fish if I want to take them fishing or ride four wheelers,” the singer told Country Vibe. “I like to deer hunt so I can do that.” Now Aldean has his own slice of heaven with which to hunt, fish and ride recreational vehicles.

Aldean and his family have already used their newly acquired property, having spent New Year's Eve there and the singer checks up on the land and the cabin each week to make sure everything is kosher.

“It kind of gives me something to do. It’s kind of quiet and I can take my friends out there," Aldean admitted. He also revealed that there are enough beds to sleep 18 people. Sounds like the cabin is a place for his kinda party.