Jason Aldean has always been a country fan, and he used to make this very clear with his high school wardrobe. CMT recently spoke to the musician, and Aldean explained that he was (and still is) a huge fan of Brooks and Dunn, Tracy Lawrence and Tim McGraw during his high school years. In fact, he loved country music so much that he used to wear cowboy boots to school!

"Me and my friends were all big country music fans. I remember when school would start back up after summer was over, and everybody'd be singing the songs that were big hits over summer, and we'd all be wearing our cowboy boots to school," Aldean tells CMT.

Aldean loves the timelessness and nostalgia that certain music evokes, and he hopes that fans will feel this way about his music in the future. "My music, it ain't music that's gonna change the world or anything. But whenever I hear a song that I go, 'That makes me think of me being 17 years old again,' I gotta feel like there's an audience for that. I make music that, if I was a fan, I'd want to listen to in my truck," Aldean says.

The 'Dirt Road Anthem' hitmaker also thinks that teens have an easier time relating to the type of music he is creating now, rather than the more vintage tunes he grew up on. "That's the way the circle of music happens," he explains. Despite this idea, Aldean's music seems to attract fans of all ages. He says, "I play what I play, and whoever likes it, likes it."