It's obviously appropriate that Jason Aldean's 'Dirt Road Anthem' video features the singer driving a truck through Middle America and singing parts of the song smack dab in the center of a deserted country back road. The song is indeed what its title implies, and the video serves to make that same point. The clip is moving in its simplicity and its implications.

The video is shot in black and white, which is effective in evoking a "memory lane" vibe on that very dirt road that we encounter Aldean on. There are also flashbacks of various things that occurred at one time or another on this patch of road; it's essentially shots of kids having a good time, hooking up, tossing back brews, making out and having a minor pushing match around a fire pit. The message that the song and the video imparts is simple: Life goes on, so go on with it. But that doesn't mean you can't be wistful for the past, when life was easier and cares were much freer. This video should make you yearn for your youth, and in his scenes, Aldean certainly broods as though he is doing the same thing.

It's a contemplative clip, even when Aldean launches into the rapidfire, talk-sing part of the song. Aldean looks lost in thought throughout much of the clip, which suits the tone of this beautiful ballad. If the video doesn't make you nostalgic for the past, nothing else can!

Watch the Jason Aldean 'Dirt Road Anthem' Video