Jason Aldean goes back to high school in the "Gonna Know We Were Here" video.

Filmed at his alma mater, Windsor Academy in Macon, Ga., "Gonna Know We Were Here" begins with Aldean walking down memory lane through his old high school halls, admiring the trophies he won when he attended. Filmed homecoming night during a football game, the excitement is evident in the nearly four-minute video.

"This song pretty much sums up how I feel like me and my fans live our lives," Aldean says of "Gonna Know We Were Here." "That same excitement is what we feel out there on the road every night ... It was pretty cool that we could bring that vibe to the music video too by shooting it back to Macon with a ton of people from my hometown. Getting back there and on that high school football field really reminded me of that rush of just living life without any regrets."

In the video clip, Aldean is seen performing on his high school football field in between shots of him viewing baseball championship banners in his high school gym and going through his old locker which is fittingly inscribed, "Jason was here."

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