'Don't You Wanna Stay,' Jason Aldean's duet with the original 'American Idol,' Kelly Clarkson, yielded something unexpected alongside a hit song: a friendship!

It may seem like Clarkson and Aldean are old friends when they perform, but the pair didn't even know each other prior to their duet. "Kelly and I have gotten to be good friends," Alden tells WCYD. "I had never met her before we recorded this song together. I met her for the first time when we went into the studio to record."

Aldean went on to praise the pop singer. He says, "She is just one of the nicest people in the world. She is a sweetheart. We hit it off quick and became good friends. She is one of those people that even though you may have only been around for a couple of times, you feel like you've known her for years. Some people have that kinda thing about them and she is one of them." Perhaps that's the reason the song clicks -- because Aldean and Clarkson clicked like Legos.

In the interview, Aldean also revealed that he likes to escape to his beach house, where he likes to engage in cook outs and plenty of rounds of fishing during the day. "When I grew up, my dad lived five miles from the beach, and I grew up every summer around the beach," he recalls. He also tells the station that snapper and grouper are his favorite fish to catch, and that he will probably spend any free time he has at his beach house this summer.

Hopefully, Aldean will be able to find some time between his My Kinda Party tour dates this summer for bumming around on the beach!