The first two announced performers for the Grammy nominations concert on Nov. 30 couldn't be more different. Jason Aldean and Lady Gaga don't share many fans. Actually, they don't share much of anything in common. But the country singer still has a healthy respect for what the pop star has accomplished.

"Lady Gaga, she’s one of the biggest stars in music right now, so I think it’s cool," Aldean said in an interview with HitFix. "I love going to things like that and getting to watch other artists play and perform. It gives me ideas for my show."

It's unlikely the 'Tattoos on This Town' singer will be borrowing costume ideas from Gaga, however. "I think that I will not be wearing any kind of jacket with meat hanging off of it," Aldean joked. More likely he'll stick with his standard blue jeans and plaid, country button-up, unless he's feeling really adventurous. Then fans might get the Aldean baseball cap look.

Aldean also addressed his new tattoo in the interview, which some had speculated he got in honor of his new single. "That story was a little fabricated. I don’t even know where that came from," he said. "I actually got in January, February. I just had been wanting to get something with [my girls'] names on it, so I went and got that, and we decided to release 'Tattoos on This Town' and I guess it just sounded like a good story that I’d gotten a new tattoo for my new single ... but that is definitely not the case."