Jason Aldean is coming off of having his seventh No. 1 single, 'Dirt Road Anthem,' from his platinum-selling album 'My Kinda Party.' The tune is the album's third release, and he is now working on the fourth single from the collection of songs, 'Tattoos on This Town.' After putting out several singles from 'My Kinda Party,' Aldean is gearing up to head back into the studio this fall to begin work on his next album with producer Michael Knox.

"Me and Michael just met a couple of weeks ago," Aldean revealed to Taste of Country at his celebration of 'Dirt Road Anthem' in Nashville this week. "Before I met with him this last time, we had maybe three songs or four songs that we liked a lot. After this last meeting, we could go in and start cutting the record now. We're still looking. We're not going to jump in on it right now. I think we're planning on right now maybe going in [the studio] in October. That's kind of the game plan."

While he will continue looking for songs until then, Aldean already believes that he has a solid project to offer to his loyal fans. "I feel like we've got a great record right now," he said. "If we wanted to cut songs that we have right now, I feel like we'd have a great record out of just that. Now we've got until October to just wait around and see what else comes in. The cool thing right now is that we actually have people writing for us and writing for our record. This being our fourth album, people kind of know more about what it is that we do, and they're actually going in and writing songs to try to get on our record. That's really helped a lot. We've got some great songs so far."

Aldean just wrapped up the video shoot for 'Tattoos on This Town,' which he anticipates releasing in the next few weeks.