Jason Aldean is on the verge of completing his highly-anticipated fifth studio album, the follow-up collection to his multi-platinum selling 'My Kinda Party.' While Aldean admits that the pressure was on to come up with a solid album that would outdo what 'My Kinda Party' did -- which was spawn four consecutive No. 1 singles -- he says that in the end, he stuck with music his fans love and have come to expect.

"One thing I didn't want to go in and do was make 'My Kinda Party II,'" Aldean tells Taste of Country. "But at the same time, and I think I said this on the last record, too, I don't want to ever totally get away from what it is that got me to this point -- that sound and hard-charging kind of thing that I'm known for, because that's what I enjoy to play. At the same time, I think on the 'My Kinda Party' record we changed it up. We did the [duet] with Kelly [Clarkson], we did 'Dirt Road Anthem' ... just little snippets of things like that that are kind of different and odd."

"I think there's some of that stuff on this new record," he continues. "It's going to be the kind of record that people are used to us making. It's still going to be that hard-driving stuff and a couple of little surprises in there, too. It's good ... I think so, anyway."

Fans will see some of the usual suspects behind the songs lyrics, including Neil Thrasher ('Tattoos on This Town,' 'Fly Over States'), Jason Sellers ('Don't You Wanna Stay'), David Lee Murphy ('Big Green Tractor') and Wendell Mobley ('Tattoos on This Town'), as well as some first-time writers like ASCAP's Songwriter of the Year and Peach Picker, Ben Hayslip.

"The more success we have, the better the songs are that get pitched to us," notes Aldean. "With every record we're getting better and better songs. This record was no exception. We have some really great songs. I think a lot of writers are locked into what I'm doing. For whatever reason, I feel like the stuff they write is stuff that really fits what I do. They've gone in and wrote a lot of songs specifically for us, especially on the new album. There are certain guys who are just great writers, so when you're looking for songs for a new album, obviously you're going to want to go to those guys and see what they've got and if they've got anything that fits you. Those guys are kind of dialed into what I like. We've got a good run going with them right now."

Aldean hopes the yet-to-be-titled new album will hit stores around October or November of this year. The hat-wearing hitmaker just released his fifth and final single from the 'My Kinda Party' album, 'Fly Over States.'