It's amazing to think that Jason Aldean's latest album, 'My Kinda Party,' was only released six months ago, since the album has already scored three hit singles -- including the three-week chart-topping hit, 'Don't You Wanna Stay.' Aldean is currently working his latest single off the album, 'Dirt Road Anthem,' which is quickly approaching the Top 10 singles chart. The tune has blazed its way up the charts so fast that Aldean may have to scratch the idea of shooting a video as planned prior to its release.

"We were supposed to shoot a video for it a couple weeks ago, and the weather kind of screwed that all up," Aldean tells Taste of Country. "So now we've got a song sitting at No. 15 on the charts, and the song is kind of doing fine on its own without a video, so we're trying to figure out if that's what we want to do or if we just kind of concentrate on the next video for the next single."

The success of Aldean's 'My Kinda Party' album also has him in a unique situation. While most artists only go three or four songs deep with singles from each album, Aldean says he plans to release at least two more tracks from the 16-song disc.

"We're definitely going to have another single from this album, possibly two more," he says. "It depends. I feel like on this record we can go a little deeper than we have on some of the other records. So we've definitely got four singles on there, and I think six if we had to or wanted to go that deep."

While he prepares for the next couple of singles, Aldean is also readying the second leg of his My Kinda Party Tour, as well as looking ahead to album No. 5.

"We just started looking for songs [for the next album]," Aldean reveals. "[My producer] Michael [Knox] and I are just starting the process for that. I got about 50 or 60 songs from him that I've been listening to in my car for the past couple weeks. So we're just kind of getting started with that. We've already found a couple songs that are cool."

Aldean's My Kinda Party Tour kicks off July 8 in Milwaukee, Wis. with special guests Thompson Square and Chris Young. Click here for a complete list of dates where the tour will be stopping.

Watch the Jason Aldean 'My Kinda Party' Video