Megastar Jason Aldean has boasted an impressive career in country music so far, but could he be adding ‘nightclub owner’ to his resume in the future?

In an interview with Country Vibe, Aldean explains that if he could pick any side project outside of music, it would be to open a bar.

“I started playing them at 14. I feel like I know a pretty good bit about the bar business. So something like that would be pretty cool, but I’m talking big nightclub kind of thing,” the star admits.

But if one day you’re looking for "Jason Aldean’s Night Club," you might not be digging deep enough. Aldean says if he pursued the idea, he may not even associate his name with the club.

"I'd almost rather not even have my name on it and just build something,” he explains. "[For later] when my career’s over or whatever, and all the sudden my name recognition may not be that big a deal for what it is."

Aldean likes the idea of having a side business, simply to have "creative outlets for different things, whether it be clothes or shoes or a bar or whatever it is."

So country fans, raise a glass to the artist’s future night club -- and cross your fingers it will be in a town near you.

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