Jason Aldean is not only a country star, but he's also the guy you want to ask if you need any partying advice -- and the 'My Kinda Party' singer reveals that the place he has his best parties is the barn at his house.

Aldean tells the Columbus Dispatch that before he renovated the building, it was a "nasty old tobacco barn," but he’s now turned it into a full-service bar that has a "roadhouse vibe" complete with a tour posters, pool tables, sports memorabilia and TVs. You can get really wild there ... and even eat peanuts and throw the shells on the floor.

Anyone knows a good party has to have great music, and Aldean is no exception. He says, "I just put the iPod on and let it play." His music list includes AC/DC and everything from John Mellencamp to Conway Twitty to Kanye West.

Food and beverages play an important role in the success of a party, as well. Alden says he can't cook anything, but his wife can, and he adds, "Thank goodness, or we'd starve." When asked what the fare usually is, the county star reveals, "It's these mini cheeseburger things. We do the whole pig-in-a-blanket thing, salsa, finger food and chili. We have a grill, but I haven't used it yet."

As for his beverages of choice, Aldean says (without hesitation), "Either Bud Light or Crown Royal -- Crown and Sprite."

Last but not least, the games played are key at Aldean's parties. He's a sports fanatic and he says, "I grew up playing sports. I'm probably as competitive as it gets. I hate losing. We'll do shuffleboard, billiards, beer pong. Everybody gets in teams of two."

The singer concludes, "As long as you're winning, you keep playing. It's pretty intense."