While Jason Aldean is on top of the country music universe with his chart-topping single 'Dirt Road Anthem' and his best-selling 'My Kinda Party' album, it wasn't always No. 1 songs and albums flying off the shelves. Early on in his career, it was pounding the pavement and dealing with a--hole club owners. Aldean told CMT that when he was approximately 19-years-old, he played a gig in Alabama where the owner repeatedly requested that the singer perform Prince's ballad 'Purple Rain.' What a head scratcher of a request, right?

Aldean won't give up the name of the club, since he thinks it "is still up and running." He adds, "We got hired in there to play, and the owner was pretty annoying. He kept coming up to me during the show and asking me to play 'Purple Rain.'"

Aldean had been playing more country/rock appropriate fare like Lynyrd Skynyrd, Bob Seger and John Mellencamp, so this Prince request was from dangerously far out in left field. By the fifth time, he'd had enough and his reaction actually cost him.

Aldean recalled, "I just get down in his face onstage. I had a few choice words for him. Basically, I told him I didn't know the song and to get out of my face. He let us finish the set and fired us. We didn't get paid, so that one was pretty bad."

Since Aldean was only on his way up at that time, it had to sting to lose his fee for playing the gig. But it was certainly more annoying to have the club owner continually ask him to play an ill-fitting song like 'Purple Rain.' However, at this point in his career, club owners at small places in Alabama are probably requesting that up-and-comers visiting their venue play 'Dirt Road Anthem.' The circle of music life, so to speak.

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