This summer, Jason Aldean is taking some time away from touring those "dirt roads" all over the country to embark on a mini vacation. He certainly deserves it. Alden told The Boot that he'll be able to snag about three to four weeks off this summer. Since his girls are out of school, he is going to make effective use of that time and hang out with the ladies in his life.

Aldean said, "Usually, we go to the beach. We're all beach rats. My girls love it, so that's what we're going to do. Then we're planning on taking them to Disney World later in the year," he admitted. Disney World? What a cool dad Aldean is. We hope the PR department at Disney takes some photos of the country star while he is on the rides and meeting Mickey.

Aldean's daughters do come on the road with him occasionally, but it's dependent on the location and the time. "If we're close to Nashville and it's where I can get them back within a day or so, then they'll come out," he said, indicating that he doesn't want to disrupt their normal routines too much with his travel-hectic career. He continued, "When summertime rolls around, they come out a little more. But they're like all of us when it comes to the bus -- they like it for a couple of days and then they start going stir-crazy!

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