New country cutie Jason Jones has released his debut single, 'Ferris Wheel,' just in time for fair season. The tune's lyrics and music were penned by Kellie Pickler's songwriting husband Kyle Jacobs, Rachel Thibodeau and singer-songwriter Josh Kelley.

"Kyle Jacobs and I took a road trip down to Atlanta to write with Josh Kelley," Thibodeau tells Taste of Country of the inspiration behind the song. "Josh had a really fun groove going on guitar, and we immediately started throwing out the first verse lyrics, and forming it into a playful love song."

"It's gonna go a little something like this / I'm gonna lean in to give you a kiss / You're gonna get a little tingle in your lips / And I bet you'll want another / I've been waiting for a pretty long time / Been standing in a pretty long line / Now I'm staring in your pretty little eyes / Girl, don't you make me suffer / I'm about to show you some love / Girl, I think you best buckle up," they wrote in the opening lyrics to the song.

"It's the kind of song that makes you smile and think of young love and summer time," notes Thibodeau. "Those songs always make me smile, and I end up looking down at the speedometer to see I'm driving way too fast!"

"Look at our small town spinning around / We've got our feet dangling high off the ground / Can you believe, baby, how good it feels / Falling in love, falling in love on a Ferris wheel / Falling in love," the writers wrote in the lyrics that became the chorus.

"We had an amazing time writing this song," says Thibodeau. "We also ended up writing 'Don't You Go' on that writing trip, which Josh later recorded for his debut country CD. We did a really fun demo at Blackbird on 'Ferris Wheel,' making sure to keep the integrity of the playfulness of the song, and to keep Josh's cool groove. Jason Jones ended up recording it for his debut CD and released it as a single this summer."

"Josh, Kyle and I are all very excited about the single," she continues. "We pray that it reaches a huge audience and that they have as much fun listening to it as we had writing it!"

Watch the Jason Jones 'Ferris Wheel' Video