Jeff Bridges is capitalizing on his 2009 Best Actor Oscar win for his believable, gut-wrenching portrayal of grizzled country singer Bad Blake in 'Crazy Heart' with his first album, a self-titled affair, due out August 16 via Blue Note Records. Bridges debuted the album cover today over at the Boot.

Looks like Bad Blake cleaned up nice for the cover! It's a simple image that speaks volumes, though. Bridges' long-ish gray hair is slicked back and he sports a full gray beard. He is looking away from the camera, as something has caught his eye or he lost in deep thought.

Bridges dons a brown suit jacket and crisp white shirt, unbuttoned and without a tie. It's this edgy, somewhat disheveled look that makes him so appealing! He is cradling a guitar in his lap and is ready for his close up, literally.

Bridges teamed up with longtime friend and 'Crazy Heart' soundtrack producer T Bone Burnett for the eponymous debut. While Bridges is releasing his first album at the ripe ol' age of 61, he is living proof that it's never too late to follow your dreams and to try something new! Bridges espoused his love for music, saying, "Music, for me, is like a weed that just keeps bringing up no matter how thick the concrete is. It just makes its way toward the light. I've been doing music since I was a young teen, and man I'm really digging the way the weed has popped through this concrete."

Watch the 'Crazy Heart' Trailer