Actor and singer Jeff Bridges admits many of the songs on his self-titled country album came close to making the soundtrack to the movie 'Crazy Heart.' In an interview for AOL Sessions, Bridges says 'What a Little Bit of Love Can Do' was almost chosen for the film, but there are only so many slots for songs in a movie.

Another song called 'The Quest' is his favorite. "It's written by one of my oldest friends, a guy named John Goodwin," Bridges says. "We go back to the fourth grade together. Been playing music and making art all these years."

In addition to the interview, fans can watch the man who played 'Bad Blake' sing five of the album's 10 tracks for an AOL Sessions performance.

"I guess my personal quest is waking up to all sorts of stuff," Bridges says. "We're all so connected, more than we think we are. And to kind of wake up to that fact and to start behaving that way."

Later he admits another quest is stamping out the child hunger pandemic. As the spokesperson for 'No Kid Hungry,' he laments that one in four American children is struggling to get appropriate nourishment.

"The good news is we have programs that are in place, bipartisan supported programs, that a lot of states aren't aware of," he explains. "So we're going state by state, working with governors and mayors letting them know about these meal programs."

During the chat, Bridges -- whose most famous role may be "The Dude" in 'The Big Lebowski' -- admits he hasn't spent as much time with his newest granddaughter as he'd like, but he has a name for himself picked out. "Dude-pa," he says with rolling laughter.

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