Jennette McCurdy is at a crossroads in her life, and her latest music video for 'Not That Far Away' reflects the country newcomer's state of mind. McCurdy, who is only 18 years old, recently strayed from her normal path of acting on Nickelodeon's 'iCarly' and is pursuing another one of her passions -- music.

In her video for 'Not That Far Away,' McCurdy is pictured moving into her very own apartment. From the song's lyrics, "Momma, I promise I'll be alright / I'll call to say I love you every night / I'm just tryin' to write the story of my life," it is obvious that this is her first time living on her own.

As time passes in the video, McCurdy settles in to her new shabby chic home in what seems to a town centered around music. Could this true-bred California girl be modeling the town after Nashville? She starts to learns the ways of the town in the video, spending time at coffee shops and writing songs about her surroundings.

Although McCurdy seems to miss her family, her excitement is the feeling that becomes most apparent. Like many other young adults that are out on their own for the first time, she cannot wait to pursue her dreams of becoming a musician. At the end of the video, McCurdy seems to be on her way to achieving this dream, as she performs at an open mic night.

'Not That Far Away' is one of the song's featured on Jennette McCurdy's debut EP, 'Not That Far Away.' McCurdy has recently been working on a full length album, which will include tracks produced by Rascal Flatts member Jay DeMarcus.

Watch the Jennette McCurdy 'Not That Far Away' Video