Sugarland star Jennifer Nettles kicked off Thursday night's 'CMA Country Christmas' show with a spirited rendition of a fun track titled 'Naughty Would Be Nice for Christmas' -- delivering a high-energy performance despite being very, very pregnant.

'Tis the season to be corny, especially when you're appearing in a mainstream Christmas TV special, and though Nettles is a tremendously seasoned performer, we can't fairly expect her to single-handedly wrench a thing like this back onto the rails. She's a veteran of this show, returning for the third time, and she demonstrated that she understands the format, which is essentially dedicated to light, fluffy entertainment without a lot of substance.

That's exactly what Nettles delivered in 2012, albeit in a very high-class manner. The opener was a big production number, featuring a group of male dancers in tuxedos and ties, with Nettles turning in a typically strong vocal performance. But her usual sexy stage bravado was a little bit at odds with her enormously pregnant physique -- though the singer did look a little bit like a Christmas ornament in her red dress.

Still, Nettles deserves props for not breaking out yet another rendition of 'White Christmas.'

Watch Jennifer Nettles Sing 'Naughty Would Be Nice for Christmas'