After performing a duet of 'Let Him Fly' with him at the 'ACM Girls Night Out,' Jennifer Nettles joked that maybe she should leave her Sugarland partner Kristian Bush and take the show on the road with Ronnie Dunn.

Though she was only kidding, after seeing them knock it dead on this Patty Griffin tune, we wouldn't be too hurt to see Nettles and Dunn record a little something together. The Sugarland vocalist and former half of Brooks and Dunn took the stage, lit by "stars" behind them, and the stars in the audience stayed completely silent, frozen in time as the pair gave it their all.

'Let Him Fly' -- the Patty Griffin hit most famously covered by the Dixie Chicks -- was reborn through the voices of Nettles and Dunn, who gave each other a genuine hug at the end of the song.

The other half of Sugarland, Bush, was in attendance as well to introduce his female co-worker, who was honored by the academy for being one of only two female artists ever to solo-write and perform the winning Song of the Year, 'Stay,' in 2007.

Watch Jennifer Nettles and Ronnie Dunn Sing 'Let Him Fly' at ACM Girls Night Out