Jennifer Nettles’ video for her ultra-catchy song “Sugar” looks like something straight out of a fairytale — complete with handsome suitors. The artist released the super-sweet video for the tune last week (Nov. 23), and she went all out with the song’s theme.

Nettles’ wardrobe is any little girl’s dream; bright colored tulle, hot pink candy lips, polka dots and a whimsical hat come together for a look that almost looks inspired by a cupcake itself, albeit a chic one. Her cascading blonde curls add to the sweet characterization and Nettles’ persona as a bakery owner. Hunky guys line up down the block to come inside, where Nettles and her fellow female bakers take it upon themselves to put a sort of spell over the men with their desserts. The guys end up being more of an accessory than anything as the "Sugar" video goes on, but we’re not complaining. As the lyrics say, those boys can beg for Nettles “sugar” as much as they want, but they ain’t gettin’ any.

The fun, lighthearted video also features Nettles frantically trying to box up cupcakes on an assembly line and trying out some new mesmerizing recipes with her co-bakers until the shop eventually closes up for the day and Nettles flips the “Open” sign with a wink.

“Sugar” is Nettles’ newest single as a solo artist away from her band Sugarland, who are currently on hiatus. She performed the song on the Domino Sugar float at the 2015 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade this year and also recently released a single titled “Unlove You." She is hosting the annual CMA Country Christmas concert for the sixth consecutive year this year, which is slated to air Dec. 3.

Check out Nettles’ decadent new video above!

Photos From the 2015 CMA Country Christmas