Tonight, Jerrod Niemann and Lee Brice launch their much-anticipated co-headlining Higher Education Tour that will run throughout March and April.

The two friends have been anxiously awaiting the opportunity to hit the road together since crossing paths in Nashville over nine years ago as they both pursued record deals. The 13-city run is the first co-headlining trek for both singers, but not the first rodeo as far as being on a major tour. Earlier this year, Niemann hit the road with Brad Paisley on his H2O Frozen Over Tour, and last year the newcomer was out with Gary Allan.

"Being out on the road with Gary was a huge learning experience for me because it was my first big tour. Of course ... I don’t really remember much of that tour, which is good because I was scared I was going to run my mouth and get myself in trouble, but I don’t remember what happened, so it worked out perfect for everybody," Niemann tells Taste of Country with laughter.

"Then I went on tour with Brad. To be on a tour with the reigning Entertainer of the Year, you learn so much," Niemann continues. "Brad puts so much into his show. It was also the chance for me to regenerate my liver and detox a little bit. Brad’s a wonderful influence. Lee? Not so much. I think my liver is probably at a C+ or a B- now, so that’s good enough. I was expecting a D or F by the time I see Lee. So I’m ready."

As the name implies, the Higher Education tour will be hitting the college markets across the country over the two months. "For the youth of America, we feel like there’s probably been some partying tactics forgotten in the past couple of years that we need to make sure the youth of America understands," Niemann says, attempting to keep a straight face. "We’re not saying they need to do it, but they just need to be exposed to it so when they face the world they won’t have any reality checks or culture shocks. It will just be, ‘Oh yeah … I’ve seen that once in my life.’"

Niemann and Brice's other good singing buddy, Randy Houser, will join them on the April 15 date in Clarion, Pa. Niemann says don't be surprised if you see other familiar faces pop up along the way, including former 'Nashville Star' contestant and good friend, Lance Miller.

"I sure hope Lance makes it out on some dates," Niemann notes. "With Lance, you’re not going to meet a nicer guy. He’s extremely talented. Some people, when you’re in the room with them, it’s just a positive vibe, and some people drag it down. Lance is not that guy. He always finds the happy whenever I complain about something [laughs]. He always makes you look at it from an angle that makes more sense."

The Higher Education Tour kicks off tonight in Columbia, Mo. and will wrap up on April 28 in Live Oak, Fla. For a complete list of dates where the tour will be stopping, click here.