Jerrod Niemann's latest single, 'One More Drinkin' Song,' is a feel-good tune that has been a fan favorite coast-to-coast when the singer takes the stage, especially in honky tonks. Niemann wrote the tune with Richie Brown after receiving an email from his publishing company in Nashville that he needed to broaden his horizon with the subject matters of his songs.

"I was hanging out with Richie when I saw that email," Niemann tells Taste of Country. "I said, ‘Man, look … I just got this email. Maybe I should dig a little deeper into subject matters.’ So I tried hard and all I could come up with is ‘One More Drinkin’ Song’ [laughs]!"

"Today I wanted to write a tune / Started strummin' this little groove / I could have wrote about love, or money / Somethin' sad or somethin' funny / But hey hey hey what's so wrong / With one more drinkin' song / Hold up your cups and sing along / To one more drinkin' song," they wrote in the lyrics of the song's opening lines.

"When we were writing it, my co-writer was a little nervous about a couple of spots," says Niemann of the lyrics.

"And if by chance this brings you cheer / Maybe someday you'll bring me a beer / Or not to mention my favoirte drink / A Marga-daquiri-screw-olada-on the beach," Niemann sings in the song's second verse.

"It sounds delicious!" Niemann jokes. "It’s all the essentials. A lot of people think I might have mixed them together for the alcohol, and I did … but my goal is to convince everyone that I mixed the fruits together for the vitamin minerals [laughs]!"