Country music is full of songs designed to go down your gullet along with a cold brew, and Jerrod Niemann's new video for 'One More Drinkin' Song' celebrates the culture of libations! Whether your beverage of choice is housed within a cold glass bottle with a long neck, in a red plastic solo cup, in a shot glass, in a hollowed out pineapple or in a tumbler filled with ice cubes, this video pays homage to the fact that a strong beverage can help you wash the day away.

You can toss back a cold one and have a good time with friends while letting your hair down. It's simple and satisfying to have a good time while you nod your head to a quality country song, drink in hand.

And while the video is certainly an ode to drinking and the culture of such, it is not much more than an easygoing party clip. Don't go thinking that Niemann is encouraging rampant alcoholism among the youth of today, because he's not. It's light and fun. Besides, who doesn't like to take a big swallow while listening to country music? The genre has a rich canon filled with such songs, and Jerrod Niemann's contribution to that very list of titles reminds us why Friday nights and happy hours are such a valued traditions across the country.

When he's not strumming the guitar and performing live or holding up a brew to toast fans, we see Niemann driving a keg train and spilling a beer. It's a typical Friday night, come to life on the screen.

Watch the Jerrod Niemann 'One More Drinkin' Song' Video