It's no wonder Jerrod Niemann's new single 'Shinin' on Me' sounds like a hit -- the lyrics were penned by the singer, Lee Brice, Rob Hatch and Lance Miller, all songwriters with amazing talents for crafting great tunes.

"Me and Rob were out on the road with Lee and went to Beaumont, Texas with him," Miller tells Taste of Country. "We were meeting up with Jerrod at AquaPalooza."

"We were playing [AquaPalooza] with Brad Paisley," Niemann adds, sharing that he invited his three pals up on the bus to hang out and play some music. "We were sitting in the back of the bus, just thinking man … why can’t the sun shine on us like this every day? So we kind of wrote a song about that."

"Today the sun is shinin’ on me / Sittin’ with my feet in the breeze / Ain’t sweatin’ the little things / And who knows what tomorrow is gonna bring / Today the sun is shinin’ me," they wrote in the lyrics, which turned out to be the chorus to 'Shinin' on Me.'

"The title just came out of the beautiful day we were having," notes Miller. "It was a perfect day with friends. We just were kind of writing about the feeling we all were having that day."

"It’s metaphorically speaking and figuratively speaking," Niemann says of the tune that impacts country radio on April 9. "It’s uptempo and it’s very groove-driven."

"Life is taking turns / Falling flat on your chin / Trying to fly with the birds / Love sure is blind / ‘Cause it don’t see / It ain’t spent one night / Feelin’ sorry for me / There aint too many times / I've felt like a king / But sitting here with you, dear / makes me wanna sing," they wrote in the song's opening lyrics.

"We had a lot of fun on that trip," says Miller, who also has an upcoming cut on the new Lee Brice album coming out in April. "It was a fun song to write, and I'm honored that it's the first single from his sophomore album. He could have shut his eyes and picked any song on this album to be the first single. This entire record is going to be huge, and I say that as a fan. I can't wait for everyone to hear it."

"'Shinin' on Me' is a good advertisement of what this [new] album will entail," says Niemann. "It also breaks out some new instrumentation that we’ve kind of added, which is a guitar that we sort of invented, and then we’ve also added horns. Those will all sort of be debuted on this first single."

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