Blake Shelton team members Jessie Pitts and Tanner Linford went head to head during the first Knockout round on 'The Voice' Monday night (Oct. 27), and they were both more than excited about having Taylor Swift to guide them through it.

Pitts gushed over the superstar singer, going as far as to admit she follows Swift on Instagram and obsessed with her -- and her cats. The hopeful chose to sing the Elie Gouling arrangement of the Elton John original 'Your Song,' and Swift was pleased with the choice for her voice.

Linford, on the other hand, was so nervous upon seeing Swift that he tripped when taking the stage. The teenager was clearly embarrassed, so Coach Shelton helped him by cracking a joke. "Don’t worry, I did that the first time I saw her," the country star told him, hilariously.

“I was starstruck. I should have hugged her or something, I didn’t even hug her,”  the adorable Linford dished before spilling that his song choice was Train's 'Calling All Angels.' Linford picked the song because it encourages people not to give up, but Shelton believed it was a bold choice because of the vocals, even asking if the teen was showing off because Swift was there.

She had his back, though. The 'Shake It Off' singer's advice to Linford was to rely on his "cute boy factor." He was clearly thrilled to know that Swift, of all people, would refer to him as "cute."

Pitts performed 'Your Song' flawlessly, with Coach Gwen Stefani appearing overwhelmed and emotional by the end of the performance. Pharell Williams was pleased by both performers, but ultimately gave the win to Pitts.

Coach Shelton -- the only opinion that truly mattered -- made it clear he is proud of Linford, saying he's becoming a presence on stage, but Pitts ultimately won the Knockout.

Linford was just happy that he did better this time. “I got further than last time, so that’s perfect,” he said before leaving this season of 'The Voice.'

Watch Tanner Linford Sing 'Calling All Angels' on 'The Voice'