Jewel's son, Kase Townes Murray, just turned 3-months-old, and the happy new mama filmed a video blog to provide some of her favorite and most utilized tips on how to effectively care for newborn babies. Not only does motherhood agree with the singer, but she clearly relishes the role and is learning a lot. Therefore, she has plenty of tips to share and advice to dispense to fellow young mothers! Jewel is certainly a terrific resource for all the new moms out there dealing with similar issues.

"One tool has helped me and my husband the most is the DVD 'The Happiest Baby on the Block,' which teaches soothing techniques, and it works," Jewel said. "It gets our baby to stop crying quickly. If you have friends having babies, get them this!"

Another soothing technique that Jewel suggested is white noise, which she said works quickly on a fussy, crying baby. "I have a hair dryer app on my iPhone and it knocks my baby out," she joked.

She also reminded new moms not to "overstimulate" newborns. "The littlest things, like being awake and staring, make them tired, so look for sleep signs early," Jewel suggested. Sleepy babies quickly morph into cranky ones, so that is certainly advice that new moms out there want to heed.

The singer has been tweeting about her life as a new mom, as well. So you might want to follow her if you are looking for more advice.

Watch Jewel Give Advice on Babies