Motherhood sure is agreeing with new mom Jewel. The singer was quite vocal about her life as a new mom via a series of super sweet tweets that she issued pertaining to son Kase Townes, who made his way into the world on July 11. The baby's father is Jewel's husband, Ty Murray.

Jewel displayed some new mom jitters, which are to be expected, when she left baby Kase for the first time. She tweeted: "I drove! To town! By myself! The baby is with a sitter! My first time away! Ok, its just to get my teeth cleaned, but still- kinda crazy –ha." It doesn't matter if you are a famous singer or a middle American housewife. Being nervous about leaving your child to run routine errands is normal and a natural response for moms!

After her time at the dentist, Jewel tweeted about being happily back home with Kase: "About to eat dinner w my freshly clean teeth- lol. Glad to be back home with baby-so lucky he is so good. Asleep in his swing like a trooper."

See what we meant about motherhood agreeing with Jewel? She really has taken to being a mom and little Kase Townes sounds like a lucky young man. She issued a further tweet about another maternal instinct, which was her slight apprehension about letting friends cradle her newborn in their arms for the first time. She posted: "2 girl friends r coming down to meet the baby - maybe I will actually let someone else hold him- lol *excited*"

Jewel's tweets are like a resource for new moms having the same emotions and experiences.

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