Pop-style songwriter and pianist Jim Brickman has collaborated with everyone from Michael Bolton to Olivia Newton-John -- and he's even tapped into the Nashville world, working with Martina McBride, Collin Raye, Sara Evans and Lonestar's Richie McDonald.

But one of his most memorable collaborations is with Lady Antebellum, who recorded with him on his contemporary hit 'Never Alone' in 2007.

"Well, it's an interesting story, because I was working with Hillary [Scott] first," Brickman explains to Taste of Country. "And then she hooked up with the guys [Charles Kelley, Dave Haywood] and we did the song 'Never Alone' while they were looking for a deal. And I remember us talking about what they wanted to do and not really sure [how to get there]. They just wanted to play music and make the right choices."

Almost simultaneously, the trio signed with Capitol Records Nashville and started working on their 2008 self-titled debut album, which would later spawn three successful singles and several award nominations. The rest is history, as they've now become one of the biggest pop-country artists, mainly due to their 'Need You Now' album and its genre-bending title track. The group is now up for six Grammy nominations, including Album of the Year.

"I knew that they were going to be really successful, I [just] didn't expect that it would be this fast," Jim adds. "I mean, when I think about it, I think about it like we were sitting around talking about it, and if feels like the other day, before they got signed. And it was a meteoric ride. They're well-deserved of the success because they are truly talented. It's not an accident. And whenever that happens, it's a joyful thing to watch because they deserve it."

Jim Brickman is currently on tour for his 15th holiday concert series, which wraps up on New Year's Eve. His most recent album, 2009's Target-exclusive 'Home,' features acoustic guitar and violin, giving it a "country-infused tone" that varies slightly from his other albums. "I wanted it to sound like you were sitting on the back porch, just chillin' out, listening to good music and maybe reading a book, or hanging out with your friends."