In celebration of Tim McGraw's 'Sundown Heaven Town' album release on Tuesday (Sept. 16), Jimmy Fallon sat down with the country star for an exclusive one-one-one interview during his 'Tonight Show Inside Look' segment. During the interview, Fallon grilled him on a list of his song titles -- and surprisingly, (or maybe not) McGraw denied singing most of them!

As always, Fallon was perfectly hilarious and on-par with his wit. When the clip begins, the comedian said, "Tim ... " and finished, "McGraw," after looking down at his question sheet. "You've made some of the best country music in the history of country music." When the singer nodded and expressed his thanks, Fallon dove into some of McGraw's song titles, errr ... at least, he thought they were his titles.

"'Don't Take the Girl,' 'Live Like You Were Dying,'" he began as the 'Shotgun Rider' confirmed the songs. Then, the titles began getting a bit ... obscure. "'Get Off of Dis Here Boat,'" read Fallon. McGraw gave a puzzled look before answering with a resounding no.

Undeterred, Fallon continued, "'Just to See You Smile,'" and the singer replied, "Yeah that was a good one." Hiking up the funny factor, Fallon listed other songs -- true McGraw hits and also laugh-out-loud titles we wish were actual country songs. 'Gobble Gobble Turkey Burger,' 'My Heart is Like Some Rocks,' 'I Strongly Dislike Trucks,' 'Rodeo Shmodeo,' and 'Water is My Whiskey,' were just a few of the songs Fallon threw out.

But our two favorites? 'Dem Smurf Bastards' and 'Cargo Pants (Everyone's Wearing Them),' to which McGraw responded, "Yeah" before rolling his eyes and saying, "Of course not!"

In the midst of an incredibly busy week for the star, his stint on 'The Tonight Show' was quirky, comical, and lighthearted. We're not sure who had more fun: Fallon, McGraw, or the viewers!

McGraw says he aims to push himself in music -- but do you think he could take a song titled 'Dem Smurf Bastards' and turn it into a respectable radio hit? Or is that pushing the envelope too far? Anything's possible when you're McGraw!

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