In a hilarious bit on his post-CMA Awards show Wednesday night (Nov. 5), Jimmy Kimmel showed up unannounced for a sleepover at Tim McGraw and Faith Hill's house.

The comedian and his sidekick Guillermo actually pre-taped the scene several weeks previously, while they were in Nashville. In the clip above, they simply show up on the superstar couple's doorstep.

"You said if I was ever in Nashville that I should look you up, so, um ... I did," Kimmel tells a befuddled McGraw. After a whispered conference between Tim and Faith, they invite him in -- and he waves to Guillermo, who was hiding in the bushes nearby.

As the couple give their uninvited guests a tour of the kitchen, Kimmel ticks off a list of special dietary needs -- no gluten, eating between seven and 11 small meals per day and "no nuts, unless they're in, like, a banana bread."

Guillermo, meanwhile, raids the refrigerator for mustard, mistakenly refers to Tim as Tom, proclaims he never wants to leave and borrows Hill's Lady Bic to use in the shower, with a hysterical Faith reluctantly saying, "That's okay ... that's okay." She then pretends to be sleepy to rid herself of Kimmel -- who points out that it's only 6:15.

The skit ends with Kimmel and Guillermo catching their hosts sneaking out a window, which Hill claims is a fire drill. Caught in the act, the country stars wind up having to sing their unwanted guests to sleep with a lullaby -- and a sweet little goodnight kiss. They never do get their breakfast in bed.

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