Joe Nichols is a part-time country singer, but a full-time father and husband. The singer welcomed his third daughter in May, and it sounds like he's happier than ever.

Georgia Blue, born May 20, joined 2-year-old big sister Dylan River at home. Nichols also has a teenager, Ashelyn, from a previous relationship. Even though he's been through it all before -- twice, actually -- he can't believe how quickly Georgia Blue is growing.

“She’s growing like a weed and the changes are coming fast,” he tells People. “She’s starting to giggle which is so cute and she’s getting her first little tooth on the bottom!"

Understandably, the 'Yeah' hitmaker's world is pretty in pink with all of those ladies around. "I enjoy all the pink everywhere, being Heather’s husband and the daddy for the girls. I’ll do anything to make them happy," Nichols dishes.

And by anything ... he really means anything! The singer will happily play with dolls with his girls.

“I find real joy doing things I would never have imagined doing, like playing with princess dolls and fairies," he shares. "I’m the guy who wants to watch 'Bubble Guppies' with Dylan and hold the baby."

Of course, when Nichols is out on the road, he gets to return to being one of the guys, among guys. “When I’m on the road, it’s a lot of cussin’ and guy stuff," he says. "It’s a big transition.”

Nichols' new 'Crickets' album dropped on Oct. 8. Find it on iTunes.

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