It's been a long time coming, but when Joe Nichols stopped by the Taste of Country Nights studio, he delivered good news. The singer says he's "almost done" with his forthcoming album.

Nichols has been staying busy and working hard on a new project. He's close to being finished with his part before handing it over for the finishing touches.

“I did vocals last night in the studio and wrapped up pretty much everything. I’ve got like half of a half of a song left to do and I think I’m finished for the entire album, which is a good feeling," he explains before mentioning how he'll celebrate his hard work. "We all kind of high five and go somewhere and just kind of relax for a few days. It’s been a long process. I think it’s been close to two years in the studio. So hopefully everybody will buy it, and hopefully it’s worth it."

Nichols says a longer work process is nothing new for him, but he wanted to get things right.

"We feel like it’s a good record, it’s just taken a while to get there. Things have been really busy and there’s been some great songs that we couldn’t pass up on that we had to cut. It’s one of those processes. Crickets took a while, too.”

Even though he's almost finished, there's no tentative release date yet. It could be late this year, or it could be a release in early 2017.

“I think they want it to come out by the end of the year. I don’t know if it will or not. It depends how quick we get this thing literally into the packaging."

For now, fans can enjoy Nichols' first single from the album, "Undone." The track is for sale on iTunes, and Nichols says the demo is not "too different" from the album's recording.

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