Joe Nichols finds a clever way to alter reality in his new 'Take it Off' video. While reading the newspaper and flinging dimply smiles at a cute girl seated across from him at an outdoor cafe, Nichols discovers a hole in the paper is actually a window to a pool party. Everything he sees through that window becomes instantly hotter, and a whole lot more fun.

Fortunately no one who forgot to shave or doesn't have their best beach bod passes in front of the larger space Nichols creates by folding newspaper sections together. The trick is a clever way to get across the singer's message that it's important to forget about the stresses from life sometimes. Men and women in stuffy business suits are surprised to find themselves in board shorts and bikinis. Boring sedans turn into sexy convertibles. Suddenly there's a swimming pool.

Of course, the 'Take it Off' lyrics become a sly euphemism later in the song. "Those sunglasses on your head / Anything you don’t want to get wet / Better take em off / Jump in and take em off." Nichols is perhaps only topped by Blake Shelton when it comes to inserting Cheshire cat-like lyrics into his music. This song is full of them, and the video adds to the fun. 'Take It Off' is the lead track off of Nichols' new album.

Watch Joe Nichols' 'Take It Off' video